Every 8 hours a rhino is poached for its horn!

Every 15 minutes an elephant is poached for its tusks!

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Rhino Poaching

The illegal trade in wildlife, which includes endangered species, illegal logging and fishing, is now the fourth largest criminal enterprise globally following drug smuggling, human trafficking and counterfeiting. According to a joint United Nations Environment-Interpol report, the illegal trade in wildlife is 26% higher than previously estimated, worth as much as USD $23 billion per year.

Rhino Poaching

£5 a month could provide a ranger with a Medkit

£10 a month could provides a Ranger with a days training from a Veterans for Wildlife Volunteer

£15 a month could provide protection of a rhino for a day

£20 a month could provide a Ranger with a Days Training from a Veterans for Wildlife Volunteer


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With the support of our donors, we are already making a big difference!

Equipping Rangers

The rangers work tirelessly to protect our amazing animals and they are often poorly resourced and trained. Veterans for Wildlife with the help of our donors provide rangers with critical equipment and training.

Empowering Veterans

Veterans for Wildlife deploy highly skilled, experienced and knowledgeable veteran volunteers to support, mentor and train anti-poaching rangers. 

Working with Conservation Organisations

Veterans for Wildlife work with and support some of the most notable and worthy conservation organisations in the world. Together we have a bigger impact!